[ TIGROX ] Imuglo
[ TIGROX ] Imuglo
[ TIGROX ] Imuglo
[ TIGROX ] Imuglo
[ TIGROX ] Imuglo


[ TIGROX ] Imuglo

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Imuglo :


100% Natural


No Side Effects


Clinical Tested & Proven

Drug-Free and Non-Prescription
Enhance Immunity
Boosting immune response, helps to defend against viral and bacterial infections
Improve Digestive System
Imuglo contains probiotics that regulate the intestinal microbiota, maintaining intestinal homeostasis
Improve Resilience
Nutrients from imuglo, including vitamins and minerals, helps to improve the body's resilience against various diseases, including viral infections
Relieve Flu & Common Cold
Immune-boosting properties help reduce the severity and duration of these illnesses
Protect Body Cells
Contain antioxidant properties that protect body cells from oxidative stress and damage, promoting overall cellular health
Inhibit Harmful Bacteria
Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, promoting a healthy balance of gut microbiota and supporting overall digestive health 





How to Consume

Size/Volume 20 sachets per box
Suitable Users 18 years old and above, kids can refer to our another product "KIDAONE"
Consume Method 1 sachet daily after Meal
Avoid Tea Coffee or Medicine, to avoid interference of the absorption and digestion of Imuglo, can take after 2-hours gap
Storage Tips Store in cool and dry places, avoid direct sunlight.
No refrigeration required
Expired 1 - 2 years time


Black Elderberry Inhibition of Bacterial Growth and improve nasal sensitivity
Fucoidan Regulates Gastric Acid Secretion and Restore Gastric Function
Pureway-C Enhance Immunity and speed up Digestive System
Grifola Frondosa Extract Help Reduce the inflammation of Wound and Anti-Sensitivity
Kindly refer to the E-flyer for more detailed ingredient information

Supplement Facts


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Azam Aris
Great Deal! bought it during double 11 promotion, Faster Delivery and Good Service!
Good Quality Fish Oil, worth to buy, and ada nutritionist call me teach me how to consume, banyak best!
Evonne Chin
Loved the experience Shopping in Wellness Premium. 😍
Tang Mei Fan
Great purchasing experience from this website, products receive in good condition, and great follow up service after all.
Angus Li
Good service and fast delivery. My IBS condition has improved a lot. Very appreciate to the dedicated health advisor who replied my questions and suggests me to use Frusso and Spiro for my IBS and the Probiome to improve my gut health!
Pooja Suryawanshi
Today received my order in good condition. Thanks for the fast delivery & excellent experience! Very responsive!
Jasmine Lee
Recently i Just bought the Tigrox Tiger Milk King , just received , and i am great that wellness premium have such a good service , after i received the stock , next days the nutrionist contact me to guide me step by step how to drink tiger milk king effectively ,thanks a lot , i will follow what nutrionist instruction , tqvm
David Lim
Received my Order safety and fast. Thank you!