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about us
Wellness Premium Store
We proudly serve as Wellous' premium dealer in Singapore and Brunei, dedicated to delivering genuine Wellous Products to those who seek them. Our commitment extends beyond simply providing products; we also offer expert nutritionist consultations to ensure our customers achieve the maximum benefits and complete satisfaction from our range.
Wellous is a company specializing in the production of functional health foods, guided by a consumer-centric belief. We are committed to using only the most natural, precious, and consistently sourced ingredients to provide the highest quality and finest products that meet and exceed consumer expectations. Our goal is to become the world's top health brand online, spreading the culture of Wellous through international expansion plans, and sharing the concept of a healthy and fulfilling life with more people. Currently, we have expanded to Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, and Taiwan, among other places.

We aspire to be a caring enterprise, helping the people of our nation live the best possible lives and adding more happiness to their healthy lifestyles.
Medical and Research Board of Advisory (MRBA)
Prof. Kim Kah Hwi
Wellous Biomedicine Advisor
Dr. Amir Farid Bin Che Isahak
Wellous Medical Advisor
Dr. Carmen Ng Khar Boon
Wellous Anti-Aging & Wellness Advisor
Dr Jezamine Lim Iskander
Wellous Scientific & Research Advisor
Dr. Chai Lay Ching
Wellous Food & Microbiology Advisor