Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set
Zenso Lite Set


Zenso Lite Set


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Zenso Daitto Flavor :


SlimFast All-in-One Zenso Weight Loss Management Programme -
Shed Pounds
Safely and Effectively

Start your journey to a healthier, happier you with our all-in-one Zenso weight loss management programme. Say goodbye to those extra pounds and hello to a more vibrant you!

Zenso Lite Set

What is Zenso?

Zenso is a comprehensive weight loss management programme that uses Kurozu Black Vinegar, one of the rarest and oldest vinegar brewing methods (centuries-old craftmanship from Japan, Kagashima), to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Key Features:-

  • Enhance Metabolism: Boosts metabolism and energy levels. 
  • Fat Burning Enhancement: Accelerated fat-burning formula
  • Natural-Powered Results: Natural Ingredients for safe and effective results.
  • Enhance Absorption Control: Assists in regulating the calorie intake from the foods you consume.

Zenso is a comprehensive weight loss management programme that consists of 4 products combination:
Zenso Kuro Daitto Chocolate Flavor

Meal Replacement

Chocolate/Vanilla Macadamia flavor botanical Beverage

Kuro Daitto

Contains Kurozu black vinegar, patented ingredients Slimaluma® Catus extract, and 7 natural ingredients baobab fruit powder, fiber creamer, isolate soy protein, whey protein isolated, MCT oil power, konjac powder and vitamins+minerals premix.


  • Suppress appetite
  • Reduce calories intake
  • Replenish daily nutrients demand
  • Promote bowel movement
Zenso Kuro Oiru

Fat Blocker

Rose milk flavored chewable tablet

Kuro Oiru

Contains Kurozu black vinegar, branded ingredient Morosil™ Red orange fruit extract and patented IGOB131® African mango extract and 5 natural ingredients: L-carnitine, Garcina extract, purple tea extract, Shekwasha juice power and Chitisan


  • Promote fat burn
  • Promote Metabolism rate
  • Inhibit fat synthesis and absorption
  • Suppress appetite
Zenso Kuro Shuga

Carb Blocker

Cherry Blosson & Bamboo Salt Flavor Chewable Tablet

Kuro Shuga

Contains Kurozu black vinegar, patented ingredients CQR-300® Cissus quadrangularis extract, and 6 natural ingredients: L-arabinose, white kidney bean powder, green tea extract, choromium choloride, Okinawa lesser yam powder and gymnema sylvestre extract


  • Inhibit digestion and absorption of sugars, starch and fat
  • Prevent conversion of sugar to fat
  • Enhance insulin sensitivity 
  • Suppress appetite
Zenso Kuro Mizu

Diuretic Formula

Berries and Plum Botanical Beverage

Kuro Mizu

Contains Kurozu black vinegar, branded ingredient CactiNea Cactus fruit extract, and 4 natural ingredients juniper berries extract, meadowsweet extract, ginger root extract and Japanese red plum


  • Remove excessive sodium and water
  • Improve swelling of limbs and face,
  • Improve liver function and detoxification
  • Reduce glucose and lipid metabolism


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Good Quality Fish Oil, worth to buy, and ada nutritionist call me teach me how to consume, banyak best!
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Good service and fast delivery. My IBS condition has improved a lot. Very appreciate to the dedicated health advisor who replied my questions and suggests me to use Frusso and Spiro for my IBS and the Probiome to improve my gut health!
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Recently i Just bought the Tigrox Tiger Milk King , just received , and i am great that wellness premium have such a good service , after i received the stock , next days the nutrionist contact me to guide me step by step how to drink tiger milk king effectively ,thanks a lot , i will follow what nutrionist instruction , tqvm
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